Björn Ironside triskel hanger
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  • Björn Ironside triskel hanger
  • Björn Ironside triskel hanger
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Deze sieraden zijn officeel gelisenceerd aan Vikings.
Ze zijn speciaal ontworpen en vervaardigd voor de show.

Het betreft hier geen nagemaakte maar de echte sieraden die per hand gemaakt zijn door Crafty Celts.

Prachtige ontwerpen met de hoogste kwaliteit en ook dus levenslange garantie.

Creation, Preservation, and Destruction. The triskele is an important Celtic symbol with many meanings. Tap into the power of the Ancient Celts with our Triskele Pendant.

Design Details

This pendant is  (25 x 35 mm), and comes with an 18” gold or silver-tone steel chain. Available in bronze and sterling silver.

Symbolism of the Triskele

The triskele is a symbol common used in ancient Celtic art. It is especially associated with the Isle of Man where the ancient College of Druids was centered. The design emphasises the numeral three, which the Celts used to symbolize the principles of creation, preservation and destruction embodied also as the the cycle of life: birth, death (rebirth), triple goddess: maiden, mother and crone, and the phases of the moon.

Why would a Viking wear a Celtic triskele pendant? We imagine he brought it back from of of the raids he went on!

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